Puppy Training

Puppy training is highly recommended to help set you up for success. This package provides general information, basic commands, socialization, and much more! This program is designed to help you start off on the right track. The puppy stage is a crucial period which effects how they act and react as they become adults. Building a solid foundation can help set your puppy up for success as they get older.

Puppies go through critical socialization periods that are so important in shaping your dog's future. It is crucial during this time to ensure that you are socializing them in a proper manner to help them succeed. In this training program, we will walk you through how to ensure your furry friend continues to flourish.

All programs require a consultation meeting before beginning.

Puppy Package

Age: 14/16 weeks - 6 months

(Starting age is dependent on when your puppy receives their final set of puppy vaccinations.)

· 4 Private Training Sessions

· Puppy Basics 101

· Common Puppy Behaviours

· Socialization Work

· Ongoing Phone and Email Support

a dog is looking up at the camera
a dog is looking up at the camera

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